Cheshire Medical Herbalist

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders include pain caused by inflammation.


I had been ill for a year before I was recommended to go and see Amanda Cutbill and consider herbal medicine. Following her careful and professional advice I have seen a marked improvement in my inflammation rates - proved through recent blood tests.

I had been suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica -plus something then undiagnosed. At the worst stage I suffered severe pain in my legs and large muscles, had difficulty in climbing stairs, exhaustion and at one point could not even sign my name. I underwent numerous blood tests, scans and Hospital appointments under two specialists. I was given high doses of steroids (prednisolone).

A year after the first symptoms I was told I had vascullitus of the lungs and polymyalgia. Both specialists recommended that I should take immune suppressors.

This was a step too far and after an initial talk with Amanda I saw my GP who agreed I could give herbal medicine a try and he would continue to monitor my progress and inflammation rates through regular blood tests. Since taking the herbal medicine my inflammation rates fell by 30 points in two months!.

Amanda not only took a thorough look at my medical history (which included a stroke and diabetes), diet and lifestyle, but also explained how the herbs worked. She took careful note of my medications in case of adverse effects and gave sensible suggestions re diet and mobility whereby I could help myself. Markers were set to register progress at follow up appointments.

I am deeply grateful for her professional and caring advice and have no hesitation in recommending her work.

Michael B. Knutsford