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Why consult a medical herbalist?

Ill health occurs for a range of reasons. I can help identify the ROOT CAUSE.

I am able to prescribe from an extensive range of herbs (many supplied to qualified herbalists only) - at levels up to TEN times the strength of mild over-the-counter herbs formulations.

My pharmacology and physiology training enables me to produce a tailor made remedy which is designed to tackle the root cause and takes into account any GP-prescribed medicines or other medical conditions. Tailor-made remedies are SAFER and more EFFECTIVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do herbal remedies take to work?
- Herbal remedies usually start to work within a few weeks.

- What do they cost?       

What causes mood disorders Digestive problems


Musculoskeletal disorders Hormonal
Musculoskeletal problemsHormonal health


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Medical herbs

A recent testimonial

I have known Amanda Cutbill for more than 2 and a half years; she has been treating and supporting me since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2011. I was determined I wanted to do all I could myself to get the best outcome; Amanda helped me on my journey, responding patiently to my many questions, advising me on diet, exercise, mental well-being as well as suggesting medical herbs and supplements. She always discusses the various options available and is very discrete, never putting pressure to purchase supplies from herself.

I have recommended her to a number of friends and family members for help with various ailments (from IBS, sinus problems, autoimmune disorders and migraine), reassured in the knowledge that they would be treated as individuals and with the utmost respect and kindness.

Amanda displays many therapeutic skills alongside her her extensive herbal and dietary knowledge. Always professional, she shows patience along with a robust and thorough approach which is always validated scientifically. She uses an holistic and integrative model in her work with clients, coupled with a genuine concern and compassion. Working in the health field myself, I have no reservations in recommending Amanda Cutbill most highly as a practitioner.

Many thanks for playing your part in my recovery and journey back to health!


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